A flying instructor that prides himself on giving good quality flight training now living in South East Florida – Vero Beach (KVRB), Fort Pierce (KFPR), Stuart (KSUA), Melbourne (KMLB) and Sebastian Airports (X26):-

FAA – Certified Flying Instructor
(CFI)  –  Certified Instrument Flying Instructor
(CFII)  –  Certified Instrument instructor
(MEI)  –  Multi-Engine Instructor

EASA – Flying Instructor
(FI)  –  Aeroplane
(IRI)  –  Instrument Rating Instructor
(CRI – ME)  –  Multi-Engine – Class Rating Instructor 

FAA Flight Review – Own aircraft $150 an hour.

EASA Flight Review – $250 an hour on our own aircraft

Citation CE525S or CE500 SIC or PIC Please call for a daily rate.

“A good pilot is always learning”