Tony Pool, is a British pilot holding both FAA and EASA Commercial Licenses. All with Multi-Engine & Instrument Ratings. Having logged nearly 8000 flying hours, of which 7000 hours are from giving flight instruction for FAA and EASA students from Private to Commercial, specializing in Instrument flying.
With extensive experience in flying IFR around Europe and in the USA from North to South, and having flown over 70 different aircraft from Piper singles and twins to Citations.
Trained in various Avionics packages – Garmin G1000 to G3000 and Avidyne Avionics. Type rated on the Cessna 525 Citation Jet and all its variants:-

Cessna C525 Citation Jet (CJ)
Cessna C525 Citation (CJ1 and CJ1 +)
Cessna C525A Citation (CJ2 + and CJ2)
Cessna C525B Citation (CJ3)
Cessna C525C Citation  (CJ4)
Cessna C525 Citation M2