Pilotweb FAA – NOTAMS
Melbourne Florida Radar
FAA Aviation weather METARs / TAFs
Skyvector.com – Good for TFR’s as well as flight planning

How to file an FAA VFR Flight Plan
Airport information for FBO’s
IFR plates for the USA – Customisable to airports
The Best Online Pilots Logbook system for keeping your logbook up to date
Radio Navigation Tutor – Great IFR training program
Pilots Paradise – Hour Building / holiday in Florida USA
David Clark Headsets
Aviators guide to flying in Florida book
Dr Rubin EASA AME in Ormond Beach Florida
Citation Rating Flight School based in Stuart Florida

How to use the Garmin 430 – Video
Joining an Uncontrolled airport in the USA – Video
How to open an FAA flight plan in the air – Video
How to use VFR Flight Following – Video
The proper use of Carb Heat – Good for British Pilots flying Piper PA28’s – Video

“Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man.
Landing is the First…………”